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Policy Booklets

UN-NGLS Policy Briefs for the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

UN-NGLS publication: “Reclaiming Multilateralism: For People, Rights and Sustainable Development”

Decent Work and Fair Globalization A Guide to Policy Dialogue

NGLS publication on the UN engagement with people’s movements

Climate Justice for a Changing Planet

The United Nations Human Rights System: How to Make it Work for you (2008)

International Development Cooperation Today: Emerging Trends and Debates (2008)

Bridging the Gap: Financing Gender Equality (2008)

Downsizing Development: An Introduction to Nano-scale Technologies and their Implications for the Global South (2008)

The Unfinished Story of Women and the United Nations (2007)

Debating NGO Accountability (2006)

Voices from Africa

Designing a Peacebuilding Infrastructure: Taking a Systems Approach to the Prevention Deadly Conflict (2005)

Voluntary Approaches to Corporate Responsibility: Readings and a Resource Guide (2002)

Engendering the Global Agenda: The Story of Women and the United Nations (2002)

The Development of Capacity (1999)

The United Nations, NGOs and Global Governance (1996)

Social Priorities of Civil Society (1996)

Is Anyone Listening? (1995)

Markets and Good Government (1994)

Implementing Agenda 21

The UN Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) is an inter-agency programme of the United Nations mandated to develop constructive relations between the UN and civil society organizations.


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Featured UN-NGLS Reports

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UN NGLS Decent Work Fair Globalization Guide featured



OHCHR Report: Safe & Enabling Environment for Civil Society

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