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Apply: High-level Meeting of UN General Assembly on the New Urban Agenda and UN-Habitat, 5-6 September 2017 at UN Headquarters in New York

NUA Habitat High Resolution Website UpdatedOn 5-6 September 2017, the President of the UN General Assembly will convene a two-day High-level Meeting of the General Assembly to discuss the effective implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the positioning of UN-Habitat in this regard, in accordance with General Assembly resolution 71/256. At the request of the Office of the President of the General Assembly (OPGA), UN-NGLS is facilitating a process to identify:

  • 3 stakeholder representatives to speak at the end of each of the two plenary segments;
  • 3 stakeholders to speak during the panel discussion on "Implementing the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs - the role of the multi-stakeholder collaboration";
  • stakeholders to ask questions during the panel discussions (via video);
  • stakeholders wishing to attend this event as observers.

Stakeholders could apply here to speak, attend or propose questions:

7 August 2017 - Stakeholder speaking roles
13 August 2017 - Propose questions for panel discussions
20 August 2017 - Attend as observer

UN-NGLS facilitated a stakeholder Selection Committee for the evaluation and short-listing of the candidates for the speaking roles, as well as the short-listing of the proposed questions for the panels, to be presented to OPGA for their consideration. The Committee ensured regional and gender balance, and diversity of constituency and expertise in the overall set of candidates. The President of the General Assembly will make the final selection of the speakers for this event.

Representatives of stakeholder organizations could apply for the Stakeholder Selection Committee through 6 August 2017.

The members of the Stakeholder Selection Committee are:

Ashok Yende - University Of Mumbai
Natalie Draisin - Fia Foundation
Sri Husnaini Sofjan - Huairou Commission
Hirotaka Koike - Major Group For Children And Youth
Katharina Anna Bernard - Doppelmayr Seilbahnen
Nick Ngatia - Nairobi Urban Creators
Mazidatun Maftukhah - Indonesian Youth Meetings Movement
Karol Alejandra Arámbula Carrillo - My World México

More information about the event, including the provisional programme and concept note, can be found here: http://www.un.org/pga/71/event-latest/high-level-meeting-on-new-urban-agenda-and-un-habitat/

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